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My colony just run out of air

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Do gas non-renewable?

My colony lost just because all dupe suffocate at the same time.(both oxygen and carbon dioxide in very low amount, lower than 100g per tile)

I have 2 machine change algae into O2 , 1 machine filter the CO2 into O2 and only 4 dupes in the colony.


Do dupe inhale and exhale same amount? or nearly the same amount of oxygen and CO2??

or they just inhale the O2 but nothing exhale?

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My colony of 5 dupes was pretty okay with only 2 algae deoxidizers- but I had a lot of algae terrariums-whatever-they-are-called that make O2 out of CO2. 5 or 6 under living quarters and few scattered around the base. Since I placed em I almost forgot about oxygen problems and I have enough algae for now.

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