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The Suffering-ing: The Sciencemachine Experience

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Against my better judgement, I decided to buy ONI anyway. I can already feel my grades slipping away between my fingers.

3 bases in, realising that the game is very, very generous with the Dupe's time-to-kill and decided to stick with my current one.


Here's Blanche. She's someone contracted athlete's ... body (Spores, I think it was called in-game). It's like athlete's foot, but uh ...

Anyway, after playing this game for several hours, I've concluded that I am Blanche: Stressed, tired and in a lot of pain. Maybe spatially displaced.

This thread will largely just be my dumping grounds for otherwise funny moments in my experience with this alpha.

There seems to be a lot of lag spikes and frame drops at some point, but I can't really say what causing them.

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Lag probably comes from a memory leak the second things that is kind of bother some is that characters that sit in the health chair are not really on the chair, just like in that picture she's hanging on by a foot, the rest of her is off the chair and in the air. But I do love this game, it is very stressful, I played it the other day and after trying to hard to get everything right, I fell asleep instantly after.

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I think I'll have to agree with the TTK of the dupes.  Had a food crisis in a colony and all but one starved to death.  Seemed like a good time to give up on that one so I left it alone and went away to eat.  Came back around 30 minutes later to find that last dupe still standing there doing nothing but vomiting (I think that's what that was) and sucking in CO2.

I haven't noticed much lag since I upgraded my video drivers.  The only time I see it now is when first loading in a colony.

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