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Make Sand from Sandstone lategame

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Just wanted to share this:


Im on cycle 144 and running out of sand for filtration. There is very few bits left in the starting biome, but after that it will be contaminated air+water for my dupes. If only i could mesh the ~200 tons of Sandstone... or use something else for filtration.

Makes me sad, since i managed to run on very limited water, coal and algae and could go on much longer... if only, SAND! Who would have thought? :D

I am also wondering why sand is only in the starting biome and why the starting biome is unique. Wouldn't it be nice to dig out a mile just to find a second friendlyish place to settle?

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I fully agree with you. Sand is currently the main thing that ends a run.

Early on I need the sandstone for building. But as the game progresses I need to make an absurd amount of chests to store all the "random" minerals that I'm not using anyway, except for granite for decor. It would be amazing if I could start replacing all the sandstone structures with the other minerals and then use that sandstone to create sand. Maybe a pulverizer that works on power to turn it into sand and they could even add an other step in cleaning this sand to have to get it's filter effect back.

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