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Just too much oxygen!

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I think there is a problem with oxygen, i started a game where i wouldn't use any oxygen generator, to see how far i could go without dying, well, i'm at cycle 102 and won't run out of it, the problem is there are some chunks of contaminated oxygen with 10-30kgs of oxygen in each tile, which is too much. My base is full of contaminated oxygen, in it self it is not such a bad thing since diseases aren't that much of an issue, all of them are iddle, have not even food generation, only planted food, no water requirement. I didn't even research too much since i wanted to see how long i could go. Also haven't turned contaminated oxy into normal one since it would give less oxygen than it consumes and ilness isn't so bad atm. The only dead dupe was out of starvation since i hadn't begined farming.

So, some suggestions for this issues:

  •  Limiting the oxygen that could be created in this chunks, i don't know exactly what's producing it, either world generation or some interaction between contaminated watter and slime or gold amalgam, since these chunks always have water.
  • Making planters need watter, i'm not using any water atm.
  • Illesses should be more "painfull" to have, my only problem is stress, but it's manageable with massage tables. Even potentialy  kill the dupe.
  • Having new ways of producing oxygen, so there's no need for the use of these chunks.

This is an alpha, so i suppose some of this is already at plans and other things are being developed that could change this things. The real "problem" in this save is the contaminated oxygen been generated in some parts with 20 or more kg of oxygen, which i think is too much. I attached the saved file, in the game at the right passing the lava theres a chunk with 25k in each tile.

Sorry of if the word chunk is missussed on the post, didn't come up with other for it XD.

Too much oxygen.sav

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1 hour ago, SenhorLevi00 said:

Block of slimes emitts infinite contaminated oxygen so if you have a air deodorizer it will give you infinite oxygen with no energy cost. I think this a little unbalanced.

and a game exploit that should be noted so the Devs know about it to make the game more balanced. I know I am a fun killer lol

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There's a few things at play here:

- 'Caves' filled with contaminated oxygen allocate about 10kg for the entire cave, regardless of if it's 1 or 100 blocks big.

- Some things that emit contaminated oxygen (such as slime) do not also reduce the mass of the emitter (should function like oxylite).

- Contaminated oxygen has no serious downside, such as deadly diseases or turning Duplicants into zombie-esque creatures.

These three things mean that contaminated oxygen is actually better than oxygen when trying to make a fully sustainable base, when in fact you should be striving to keep the air as clean as possible.

To combat this, there's some obvious courses of action:

- When slime emits contaminated oxygen, it should reduce in mass and maybe also spit out some algae in the space it emitted the oxygen. Same deal with other emitters, the act of emitting contaminated oxygen should convert it to something else.

- Duplicants should have an illness amount, which gradually increases when in contaminated oxygen and decreases (a lot slower) in normal oxygen. The higher the amount, the more severe the illnesses they contract, and the easier it is for them to get an illness from another Duplicant.

Caves having abnormal amount of contaminated oxygen are just a balance issue, and doesn't contribute to a fully sustainable base.

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