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Little question about gases

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Hey ! firstable, this game is pretty amazing. It's like a mix between rimworld and.. something cute and funny as hell ! anyway, lovin' it so far.

I have a lot of question obviously, but i'll figure it out my way into the game. But I'm having a little trouble with a ' contamined oxygen ', i left a contamined dirt on the floor 1 day, and it left 3/4 yellow bubble in the air. SOoooo my question : how do i remove the bubble ? i juste unlocked the gase pipe thing, but i'm kinda lost xD


anyway, here is a picture of the bubble, and my attempt to remove them with the pipe ( didnt tested yet )


Thanks you very much ! and again, if a dev' step bye, this game is amazing. :)


( ps : sorry about my bad englando )


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I wouldn't worry too much about cleaning the air in the current build for the following two reasons.

A) Diseases don't seem to be fully introduced yet so there are almost no bad effects from contaminated O2 (that I have encountered).

B) The Air Deoderizer sucks in far more (either twice or three times as much) contaminated O2 than the clean O2 it pumps out so you are drastically reducing the amount of breathable (and finite) air you have available.

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