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My entire Dups just died :<

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So this is what happen.

I was exploring new area for more room and a little bit of water to fill my water tank.

While exploring, i sent one guy to harvest some of the plant there.

and it was relatively safe area so i didn't pay that much attention to it.


The next cycle, while i was looking to the new area, i saw the dup has died, i check his corpse and it said something like didn't sleep or something like that.

I thought that he must be trapped in there by some reason.


At that time, i leave it as it is. and the next couple of cycle, creatures start to spawn from his corpse, so i sent the dups to kill and perhaps investigate what happen in that area..

welp... now I knew the reason why the first dups die..

but it's too late.

here is the picture so you guys can relate to me:


look at the upper right corner where the dups are all gathering in one place



in that corner there are not a lot of air to breath. so while they can swim the first time to cross the room, they don't have enough air to swim back.

I then start telling them to build stair/floor, but they won't make it.

I start panicking and told them to start digging, there is a room just below them, so if they fall into the room, their lives will be saved.


But, welp...

this is their last moment:




I'm sad, but i can't stop laughing when it happen.

so stupid XD


damn. i felt bad to myself :<

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