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Exploration research

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Hello, I've been playing the game a total of 6 hours and I find it fun to play and very promising. Since it have a lot of potential to grow in complexity and fun of course! My suggestion is to create a research topic about exploration, things like oxygen masks or better digging machinery would be useful.

In general I feel like the game is challenging, but i think it is now capped at the amount of water that is available. Also a use to chlorine and other materials would be cool, so the exploration has more meaning and purpose.

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Definitely agree with both of you on that. I've been playing for a total of 22 hours now (yes, I'm aware the game came out not even 48 hours ago). A research option to upgrade breathing time in unbreathable environments, and the ability to increase mining range and speed would be really useful. Especially since making those ladders and passageways to special materials tend to end up being slow and filled with CO2.

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