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Due to walls,I guess instead of my suggestion, you have to use 3-block high walls to prevent a tsunami.If it's hay, the wall will break but the tsunami won't touch your stuff.The wood has 2 uses of tsunami protection.the stone has 3.

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So you want something in the game that you can't stop, will take away everything you own and will almost certainly kill you. And when it doesn't kill you, you almost wouldn't have any health left so a single Bee can finish you off. That Shore Wall is a bad idea too, and it will take hundreds of days to gather all the resources needed for a big wall. This is way too overpowered, and it doesn't fit the style of the game. It would be enraging, frustrating and enough reason to stop playing the game.By the way, welcome on the forums!

Ok... I laughed at this amazingly warm welcome. No offense F3RR1S.Honestly, I was expecting:"By the way, welcome on the forums!" to be "YEAH! Let's add that in right next to the Deerclops, darkness, and slowly impending doom of Maxwell who watches your every heart beat." But dat trolling... I'm a fan of sarcastic humor.Anyways! Trolls aside!The idea wouldn't work in the game very well, though it would be neat.The problems are that:You could just make your base in the middle of the island, thus rendering the tsunami pointless.That wall would take far too long to make and far too many resources.It's too strong.It means death if it washes everything away since some of the game's mechanics change on how long you've survived.Sounds like there may be a coding problem with where this tsunami strikes.
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