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Are there any tutorials for making a custom cookpot?

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I'm wanting to make a custom cookpot that makes recipes a normal crockpot cannot. I've tried using Warly's portable cookpot as a base but it just hasn't been working for me. Does anyone have a tutorial for how to make a custom cookpot, or can anyone guide me through the process step by step?

Help is much appreciated.

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How about you just go ahead and learn how the game works and how lua works. There is no tutorial for this stuff (sadly). To piece one togather is as much work as actually making this mod ourselves. It took me couple of days to understand how the system works and I'm a programmer. Take your time and see how to make smaller mods first. Fiddle around with existing mods, Debug stuff on your own. If you have questions how something works then ask here, but don't come asking a handout. You tried making it yourself.. and it didn't work. Now why didn't it work. did you get an error. look into logs and see what line failed and why. fix that line. if game doesn't crash but it just doesn't work then you have logical error which means code is correct but the idea is not. Post your code here so we can take a look if you cant find it yourself after days of searching. 

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10 hours ago, Ricoom said:

How about you just go ahead and learn how the game works and how lua works

That was really rude. Just saying.


10 hours ago, Ricoom said:

don't come asking a handout

Funny, I was asking for someone to TEACH me and it's called a handout. Other people ask for someone to do it for them and it's called help.



Anyway, this is my mod file. No log is generated when it crashes so I am at a loss for what to do. I'm using the Pickle It mod as a base - and yes, I do plan on crediting it as a reference for my code.


More Fruits.zip

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I'm sorry if I came off rude. it does generate a log. even if it doesn't display it when it crashes. Its in your Documents folder under Klei and Don't starve together. should be client_log.txt. Anyhow took a look what causes the current issue is that you do not have string defined for action. You have placed a variable called GLOBAL.STRINGS.NAMES.JUICE but you forgot to define it below. Adding that solves that problem. From there on out it still wont load for another reasons. But keep tracking down bugs and you'll get there eventually ;) Seems fun mod in my honest opinion althou it will make game easier so I would make some mechanic to counter that, but thats my opinion.

[string "scripts/util.lua"]:449: Could not find an asset matching images/inventoryimages/zerocalories.xml in any of the search paths.

Points to missing assets. 

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