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Lashing out can cause a feedback loop where Duplicants end up too busy repairing to relax

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I've started having cases where some Duplicants will go and break my batteries, and because it takes 5 times as long to repair those batteries what ends up happening is either that Duplicant or another one (the first ends up taking their slack in some way or another) spends considerable amounts of time repairing the damage dealt. This results in a feedback loop where it becomes extremely difficult to get out of being stressed, unless you're able to temporarily give up time elsewhere.

The best way of fixing this would seem to be to reduce repair time to be similar to the time taken to destroy an object, or to have the action itself reduce stress.

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2 hours ago, Hexicube said:

or to have the action itself reduce stress.

I like this idea, but it seems like it should only really apply to the right classes and/or personality traits. Maybe interior designers and tinkerers could find it cathartic to repair things or to build new furniture/tech/decor, for example.

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