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advanced controls suggestions

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Really enjoying the game so far. A big thanks to all the great ideas and work (and to the devs <3) 

A specific mechanic i like is that you're not god, and cannot activate/deactivate machines like you want : you need to have one of you duplicant do the job. Adds a lot of gameplay and situations potential ( oh no, the mad pump is pumping contaminated water everywhere, and we cannot stop it ! ) So here are a few ideas about getting systems to better control what happens in your base, both in everyday life and emergency conditions : 

-control panels : provides a spot for duplicants to activate devices. Could be either wireless (consumes power depending on distance for each activation, also can only link simultaneously to a number of devices depending on the type of control panel.) or with special wires. 

Thought i know power switches already exist, they don't let you do certain things like completely enclose shut down a door, regulate the flow of a water valve etc... Would be a more expensive option to do special actions. Exemple of usage : link it to the valve controlling the flow of water for your algae so you can regulate the flow without having to send someone down there. 

-liquid and gases detector : automatically activates a function of the device it's linked to when set element is detected (or not). For exemple , i have a pump moving water into a hand-made pool in my base for my dupes to take. I set a water detector on the highest level of the pool, link it to the power switch which will stop the water pump, and set the detector to water-present-switch off, that way when the water level is too high it automatically switches off the pump so it water doesn't spill everywhere. 

-instruction boards : any duplicant passing by the board (could only have 1 side, so only people coming from the left or right do thr instructions) will do as told by the board. Orders could include : 

-don't go, to set up no-go zones so noone goes into the contaminated water

-go if, to set up zones duplicants will go only if they meet a criteria, for exemple if we get underwater breathers you could allow an area only to duplicants equiped with a breather. 

-wait, to make duplicants stop for X time before passing. For exemple, you could make a SAS and make duplicants wait some seconds inside in order to pump out bad gases so it doesn't go inside your base. 


I think deviced such as those presented here could add a lot of potential for the game, especially late game. Also remember, automation is not only fun when it's working well, it's also a hell lot of fun when it stops working ! :p 

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