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Undo Queued Order

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I agree, it doesn't need to be a full undo queue, just a cancel last will work.

You can select a queued build by selecting the structure outline and choosing cancel from the dialog, but my mouse slipped a few times whilst dragging wires and pipes and having to do cancel every segments separately is quite irksome,

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Here Here! The track back is nice, but 1 mis-click and you are back to manual. Give the system memory of last 5 actions would be more than enough to keep us Overseers and Dups very happy! :D The more time I get to watch my ants work the better, and more I see happening. And isn't that a large part of the appeal to these games sitting back a few minutes at a time and watching it all work like a finely oiled machine? Even it its driving full speed off a cliff or into a wall!!!

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