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While the priority system is quite good althought it needs some practice to make use of it, it still has some weaknesses. If i want to quickly dig an area for exemple, i can ofcourse set the dig on 9, to have my dupes rush it instead of watering, running here and there. The problem is that it displaces the whole colony to do that! Not good. So yeah, you can set the jobs of duplicants so that only a certain amount dig BUT it's quite tedious if your default setup (out of "i really want those 3 guys to dig this area) is that most people can dig (so they dig when they are around and you don't have a small amount of diggers inefficiently running around to dig 1 block. )

So my suggestions would be : groups ! Assign duplicants to a group, give it a name (ex : "express digger team") or just a color/tag/emblem,  and then when you use the priority tool you can choose the priority and /or the group that can do this action (default everyone so). That way you can have specialised groups, mainly for digging, and you can send duplicants on small expeditions quite easily. 

It would add a lot of control over the duplicants i agree, but IMO the game should revolve more about your building and physician prowesses than your ability to trick the game left and right to somehow manage to make your duplicants do whatever hou want them to do.

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