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not to bad

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So ive been playing for 3 hours now and have been having a blast, however I keep messing up my base because Carbon Dioxide keeps entering in my base, so then I start a new game and try again to get it right. I noticed so far one weird bug that when the characters jump up on the medical chair they lay on the edge and look like they are about to fall off. I also noticed the best way to keep those loud snoring guys  away from you group is place him somewhere by himself or out of range of those squares. another thing i noticed is the turtle like creatures that have teeth, they didnt show them in the stream but did mention them, apparently they come out at night. it was very interesting to see them at night and then they disappear during the day time. lastly I have been having issue with power, Im guessing i need to research for more power options, but ill figure it out as I go along, like every other klei game, its always a learning experience.

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2 hours ago, DNsingbanana said:

There sure seem to be a little bit of a lack of power option >< i mean you basically have to get combustion and build a whole contraption around that, or stay with manual generators, there is no "inbetween" for now.

yeah, but im sure as development continues they will add somethig that provides electricity, or maybe a certain kind of mineral that only works for a certain machine that can produce electricity

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