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What's the best way to counter Woodlegs Sanity Loss?

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Filigann    0

The thing is ik how to survive as him and control it's sanity.... But finding out new ways is always nice to improve.... So tell me what u have in mind.  :p

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Here is what I usually do:

- Finding an island full of green caps, one of the best sanity restoring items in the game

- If you have nothing to do during the night, make a fire pit near the edge of an island an jump in a boat (less sanity loss)

- Buoys are very useful for him, it is basically a never ending light source on water

- In RoG make a base on a desert, there is lots of cacti there, so again  - never ending sanity

- Go to RoG through Seaworthy and get Tam O' Shanter, one of the first priorities as him to manage the sanity loss.

- Glommer is always nice too in RoG, try to kill him during first day of full moon so you can get him back next day, or just leave one forever

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