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No XP after Expert Mode capaing finished! Bugged?

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felcas    0

I think my Invisible is bugged somehow. I finished it on normal and I got some XP, as consequence some agents and programs unlocked. Next I finished on experienced and again got XP, agents and programs unlocks. So far so good.

Then I tried the expert mode and I got beaten up really fast, so I thought ok lets get back to experienced mode and get some XPs and unlock a few more agents and programs to have an edge here.

I finished again on experienced mode but I didn't get any XP, no agent or program unlocks. 

I thought, "ok since I already beaten the game on this mode I maybe not eligible to get unlocks to avoid farming and to force the player (me) to try the next level."

I then finished after long sweat the expert mode and for my surprise I got absolutly no XP, no unlock whatosever!!!

The End Campaing Screen says:
Missions completed (SUM)=3350
Total XP Gained = 0
Next Unlock 5030/AT CAP!

And the weird thing is I got the same number on experienced mode 5030

I dont understand.

I have a screenshot but I don't know how to post it.


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JeysieC    2

Looks to me like maybe you just already unlocked everything, since that's what "At Cap" means. Do you still have empty agent slots on the selection screen?

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GentlemanFridge    1,356

There are, if I recall correctly, 2 agents and 2 programms that can't be unlocked via XP. I won't spoil, but you can unlock all 4 things at once by beating expert mode without any custom changes.

At cap means that you can't get any higher XP level. You're at the max available.

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