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A few rebalance ideas on SW

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Diaboliko    170

So I've spent a few hours(a total of 40 may be) playing with every resource set to "less" setting and everything hostile set to "more"(noone likes merms overrunning the place on the higher one) or "lots" and been starting at hurricane season only(only once I had such a poor start that I kept my interest until the mid summer, all other tries I've been mostly abandoning the world because of having an early-late game base before day 22). Without the mild season and seasons set to very long, long, very long(winter, spring and summer respectively). Here's what can I tell:

1) being able to cook meat balls out of monster meat is OP(3 ice + 1 monster meat is something you always have during hurricane season)

2) I havent noticed if the jellyfishes were nerfed with the last update, but if they still restore more then 1 hp, then they need a nerf... Snakehat is one of the first things you craft when setting up a base(with infinite rain at least). Getting those medkits(the jellyfishes) at no cost just makes tent pretty much useless, while tent is a thing that adds some basic stuff grinding!

3) not like I mind that much, but waters need more danger :> Having dogfish to poop mines all around the coast might do the trick. Haha. But really sea allows you to escape hound wave with ease! I cant stop abusing that at early days(since Im using "lots" setting for hounds)...

4) torch is OP as always. Im surviving early game nights by torching the trees and then extinguishing them with the hail. Even a single tree is enough. Surely using mods like the one that adds more realistic fire crafting(and nerfs the torch entirely) is an option, but hey, Im speaking of original(original shipwrecked) gameplay there! Perhaps make trees to be unable to be lit up by a torch, but still able to catch up the fire when wet?

5) nerf the spawn chance of those fire-geysers which spawn whenever you dig up the rockpile? Or at least make them spawn on world gen so there cant be a few of them nearby of each other/synchronize their fire-breathing time/triple the cooldown before the next fire breath? Its like the desert in DST - a place you really wanna build up at(because of overpowered things)!

6) Disable the no-flooding time at the beginning of monsoon season. Or nerf it to one day only may be?

7) Tigershark sucks. Fighting her on a boat is somewhat challenging, but whenever she gets out of it - she feels like a waste of skin. You also dont even have to fight her and she drops nothing you wanna kill her again for. I wonder if something can be done about it.

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