Bug report: foreground not being drawn


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After the game lost mouse focus (and thus screen focus after a click - see other bug) a couple of times, the game stopped drawing some of the foregrounds. I see the backgrounds and the general outline of the game foreground, but nothing else. This makes the game unplayable.Sometimes restarting from last checkpoint fixes the issue - sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the current room is properly drawn, but when you go forward or backward out of the current zone, the other stuff is not drawn.I am running with 1920x1080 at 16:9, on Nvidia GTX 570.

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Heya! Sorry to hear you're having some issues running Ninja.Just wondering a few things to help troubleshoot.1) What version of DirectX are you running?2) What is your full system hardware specs3) Are you graphics card drivers updated to the most recent release?4) Have you tried re-downloading / re-installing the game?

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