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Possible Improvements Needed (Klei Developers)

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xhiks    0

Hi, been playing invisible inc for some time now and have got pretty good at it. Right now am on day 20 (endless mode) and am pretty satisfied with the game. The things that keep bothering me are the voice actors, been playing hundreds of games by now and i am getting sick hearing central talk the same phrases over and over again. It's like torture, everything sounds so cheesy since i've heard it so many times.  You should at least put a option to disable the voice actors on the game settings. Even better put some algorithm to play the phrases at random every 5 - 10 games, at least for the endless game mode. Right now i have disabled the sound effects which disables the voices but i cant hear guards, drones, etc.. Other that that i am pretty happy with the game.

Keep up the great work Klei. You Rock!

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