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The Hollow - My Theory on Chester

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well, old chaps. im quite... bored to say the least. so i have another jolly good story to tell!

story no.3

How boring....

Chester, doing what he wished, had missed out on the great joy that is being around others. living without rules was... quite a bore, infact. he would wander through the savanna, wondering. pondering. how could the beefalo stand the same, old thing, every day? for them it's just, eat, poop, sleep, eat, poop, sleep. why don't they beg for something new? it made no sense to chester at the time, as, well, there was no time to think. the beefalo started...yeah...

it's been a week since chester was chased by the smelly hair cows, and someone came by! he was joyed! he was thrilled! oh how he wanted a friend! he ran and ran, until he saw...

he was dissapointed. he saw a depressing emo-like character, with a glum look in eyes. "oh." said the boy. "have you come to kill m-" lets say that a tentacle was bored, and decided to rip him in half. yeah. goths are not that good at killing strange tentacle things.


I got bored at the ending, so i just threw it together and jolly good left out details! the opposite of what that tentacle did to my nephew tommy- errr....nevermind! have a great day kids!

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