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Question about hosting server on a different PC

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I have a dedicated server running on my laptop right now just as a test to make sure I could do it at all. Having proved to myself that I can get a server running I would like to have it running on the PC inside my MAME machine. That PC is terribly under utilized and has more than enough power left to host at least one dedicated server. I do have some questions however. 

Do I need to install DST on that machine as well? I assume as much, but I don't like working on an assumption when there are people I can ask to be sure. How is steam going to feel about me having DST installed on two machines? 

Could one run two of these dedicated servers on one machine assuming said machine has the processing power and connection speeds needed?

How much of the information I set up for the test service on my lap top can I just copy over to the new machine? It seems like most of it would be ok for that but I don't know all the details and I can see where it would be possible that some of this stuff is relative, and thus would need to be set up all new on the other machine. For example. do I need to generate a new cluster token from the other machine, or can I just use the one I created on this machine?

If any of you have already done something like this and have some advice to help me avoid a pit fall I would be grateful for the heads up. I would like to do as much as I can to insure success. My friends and I just want a place all out own you see. 

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You don't need to install dst to run a server, only the server client which is available throught steamcmd. There are tutoriels for windows, linux and mac in this forum category to guide you in the installation.

You can run as many server as you want and you can host but you need to configure a different port for each server.

You can copy the configuration from one machine to another but unless you use something like docker you will have to reinstalle a raw server then copy your conf files. You also may have to change the ip address that your server will listen to and no need to generate a new cluster_token.txt, you can keep the same file for all your servers.

I guess you're currently testing your server in local at home, if you want to display your server in the lobby you'll need to configure your router to open ports associated to your servers and check your firewall software conf.

Hope this is helpfull,


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Thanks for the info. That will help a bunch. 

I had the server online, it was just running on the same machine the game was running on, so I have the router doing what I need it to do, I'm also fairly comfortable dealing with the router so I don't see any issues there but you never know. 

Now to deal with all the updates that PC has missed as it has not been online in over a year. I forgot about that part in my planning, and I imagine that will be a blast. I considered moving that machine to Linux before I did this, but that would mean redoing all the MAME stuff too and I don't have time for all that right now, so Windows it is. 

Thanks again for the help. I imagine you will see something from me on here in a few days about mods. I read the information on that, but that seemed to assume you were running the server on the game machine. I'll just go back through it with this new information in mind and see what I can get done. 

Thanks again!

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