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  1. I downloaded this via Steam and found it to be not only a fun way to play the game, but handy in coming to understand the workings of the game for the purposes of modding it in the future. If you like to play with the game to learn new things without worrying about player death this is the way to go. This mod also gives the player access to something I have not seen in other mods in that you can adjust player walk/run speeds, max/min heath/sanity/hunger, and other such PC stats in game. Over all a must have mod.
  2. I've been working on Lua for a few days. I understand the basics at this point, but I'm struggling to deal with the dot syntax that is all over the place. There are a ton of references to "self" and "inst" that I'm not grabbing for some reason and I feel like this is what is in my way right now. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but if someone could point me to a resource that will help me understand this a little more I would be eternally grateful. I feel certain that I'm somehow making this harder than it has to be, and I'm going to take a day or two to step away from this and come back at it later. Any help you can give me in understanding the structure of this game or how to back track this dot syntax to what a statement really means would be welcome.
  3. This thread got me up and running with no issues at all. I managed to learn a bit more through reading other files throughout the game to change some other things about my character. Thank you for the effort that went into this write up and video. I'm a little stuck on what to do next however. Art is going to be a challenge that will require gaining a new skill set, programming is something I'm already ok with. Not LUA, but several others so I suspect this wont be as bad as the art. I have looked into learning the language in total but I haven't found information I think matches up the way it is being used for DS. I promise I looked through a lot of information already on this site last night before deciding to ask for advice in this way. What I need is something that explains, or makes easier to understand, the way code is written for character customization. The simple stuff is simple, I can't grab the fun things, but what if I wanted to make a character ok with eating rot? Reading the code I can come up with clues and I am piecing things together, but not at the rate I would like. With only my pride to lose, and little attachment to it in the first place , I ask: Where do I go next for more advanced LUA training as it pertains to DS? PS: I'm freaking hooked on this game. I'm concerned about the art part of this thing, but absolutely looking forward to the coding part of this to create some interesting additions to the game.