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[SOLVED] Custom blowdart weapon | Infinite uses

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(I have created a few question-topics today. I hope that's ok).

I'm working on making the blowdart into just the tube, which requires ammo to be used. I imagine it is going to be like this:

- On attack > If has ammo > do attack

else do nothing

Problem is that I've been looking through the blowdart.lua file for a while now and I haven't been able to find the thing that removes it on use. Do you know what makes it finite use, and how I could change it into infinite uses?


Making progress. Removing all references to the "projectile" component makes it so the blowdart is not destroyed on use. So now I know where to look.

Next question is: How do I check the player, holding the blowdart,'s inventory for an item?


I have created the following script

local function pipeattack(inst, attacker, target)
    if not target:IsValid() then
        --target killed or removed in combat damage phase

    if GetPlayer().components.inventory:Has("stinger", 1) then
        if target.components.combat then
            GetPlayer().components.inventory:RemoveItem("stinger", false)
        print("No ammo")

However, the console says I shouldn't use GetPlayer(). Instead I should use ThePlayer.

When I use ThePlayer it doesn't let me attack any creature at all. When I use GetPlayer() it crashes, saying something went wrong in inventory.lua

The error it gives me is: "848: attempt to index field 'components' (a nil value)". I'm not sure what it means but it seems like it found an item that isn't nil and wants to do something with it. Not sure what I can do to prevent this crash. I am probably doing something wrong with the RemoveItem function.


I have solved the whole thing. I am using fueled.lua to give the blowdart stingers as ammo.

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3 minutes ago, Soto8969 said:

i dont really know about modding, but i thing the speargun from Shipwreck is a good model for your idea.

Ah, I don't have that DLC :/

However, I'm mostly interested in knowing what makes the blowdart prefab a finite-use prefab.

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