Wassiliy the Wild (a charachter)

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Wassiliy the Wild (to follow the game's name convention), or Vassiliy the Mad ( to be closer to the source )

Russian. Knows special survival techniques.

- Can utilize wool to make "Ushanka" and "Vatnik" - a heavy winter hat that covers ears and a dense body coat, which are not as effective as specific armor but provide extra protection from cold or fire or elements (if those happen in future releases)

- Can use a shovel as a spear or axe, with the same effect and low wear-down rate.

- Extra vulnerable to insanity, but can fight it off with "Samogon" - a primitive vodka, produced from any crops/seeds/vegetables (That's what Alchemy Engine is really for! As though you did not know ... )

- After using vodka, wakes up in the morning (similar to mandrake effect) but with no recollections of what happened or where his possessions are (the possessions are scattered randomly somewhere nearby)

- Can befriend generally hostile creatures (for a brief period, after which they sleep), or just put to sleep neutral or friendly ones by offering them vodka.

- Can also use "Samogon" to make fires, instead of grass ( as a component )

- Grows a beard but can never shave it off completely

PS Okay, I added that just for gigs :) But, who knows?

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