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In-game fps locked to 30?

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dharthoorn    2

Not posting this as a bug, more like a general query :)

Running this on Steam with both expansions RoG and SW installed but playing RoG world.

Even though I set the refresh rate to 60 in the settings, and in the start menu it runs at 60fps, as soon as I load my game it reverts to 30FPS. What is more, the screen tearing is INSANE. I am running latest drivers for my HD7800 card, latest (integrated) DirectX on WIndows7 x64. I have tried forcing Vsync both on and off from my ATI control panel but it matters not. Please advise why the game refuses to run at more than 30fps even though my hardware seems perfectly capable of doing so. Thanks!


EDIT: Oh man, it's not for dont starve TOGETHER, it's for single player. Sorry Moderator, please move.

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