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  1. Crocodogs spawn when set to "none"

    Yeah, can confirm this too. Very annoying if you want to test things by advancing time with LongUpdate.
  2. Can confirm, it just happened to me. Went to volcano in the middle of the Mild season, shortly after entering it the game crashed with a log related to some item moved by a wind or whatever, started game again, exited volcano and bam this is Dry season, I am totally unprepared and take crazy damage from overheating. Good thing I played as 150 hp char and had Bacon and Eggs, barely made it to the base with like 15 hp, this bug is very insidious.
  3. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    BTW, here is the mod:
  4. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    You mean, censored quotes ? There's actually a lot of changes between beta and current speech file, most of them are slight tweaks/fixes for spelling errors and added lines from QoL update. After a quick comparison I guess these lines is what actually can qualify as censored: I say! Some of his lines were really quite watered down.
  5. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    Wow, for real, it appears to be not censored, this is incredible! Many thanks, honestly I already almost gave up on hope to restore his original quotes, and wanting to implement this was holding me back from releasing my mod.
  6. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    Yeah, I think asking devs is pointless in this case, the only hope is that someone saved the file, I will try to ask on reddit/wikia but I think chances are pretty low... Such a shame.
  7. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    So, yeah, unless someone had specially made backup of beta files I don't think it's possible to find them laying around, I've checked dozens of popular torrent sites and the oldest version I can find is 11.11.2018 Early Access, which is already censored...
  8. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    Okay, it's getting harder, version from 11.11.2018 also is already censored... Must find beta versions I guess.
  9. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    So, it appears that the game got censored very early - the file that watermelen671 posted is already censored. Moreso, I've downloaded EA version from 23 november of 2018 and it is also already censored ! How do I check if it's censored ? Open the file and search for CARGOBOAT = in uncensored version it should say "A ship worthy of the East India Company." later they changed it to "A ship worthy of my captainship."
  10. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    Thanks, but as I said speech file is in main game scripts folder, not DLC folder - I guess for ease of translation. So we need someone with full game backup.
  11. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    It's actually in main game scripts folder, ...dont_starve\data\scripts\speech_warbucks.lua .
  12. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    Well this is bad news then, I guess if I will not find success here I'll create a thread on reddit or maybe ask in comments on DS wikia. There's gotta be somebody with original file !
  13. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    Yeah, I've seen that thread too, but wondered if there were more changes, having original file to compare them side-to-side would be ideal. First thing I've done is pm'd SDragonhead about his proposition to send original file but so far no response. Thanks for trying to help tho.
  14. Hello, can anyone send me old, pre-censorship speech_warbucks.lua file ? The one from beta or EA, with quotes about East India company etc. I'm making a mod that restores Warbucks and I want to make it an option to "uncensore" his quotes. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Thanks to ThemInspectors, here it is.
  15. So it's an old bug that Wee MacTusk ("little_walrus") can't drop his meat due to an error in his code syntax. Before Hamlet, it was most likely harmless. However, Hamlet introduced new GetPotentialLoot() function into lootdropper component and when it tries to get potential loot of Wee MacTusk, it crashes the game. In reality this means that if you're playing as Wheeler and try to use her Navigadget near Wee MacTusk, game will crash since Navigadget scans for potential loot of nearby targets. The fix is super simple, in walrus.lua you should replace ['meat'] = 1.0, with {'meat', 1.00}, This will also make him drop his meat as originally intended.