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i keep trying to play dont starve together but i keep getting the same issue with the online aspect. i cannot connect to the klei servers. i get this error when trying to log into the game initially. this has been happening for a while now. i have turned off all antivirus's and even uninstalled them and tried but to no avail. i have gone through so much troubleshooting and nothing has fixed it. i have dont starve allowed through windows firewall. it is also turned off.
for some reason i do not have an .mdmp file to place down.



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Hey @stonedonkey welcome to the forums. Based on your log(as you might already have inspected) the game is not getting access through port 443. I do not have that much knowledge about getting fiddling with port access but first I'd like you to check whether or not your steam client is up to date. Where you log file cuts off is where my own log file (when I start DST) gets the following lines:

[00:00:26]: SimLuaProxy::QueryServer()
[00:00:26]: ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully.	
[00:00:26]: Reset() returning
[00:00:43]: [200] Account Failed (6): "E_EXPIRED_TOKEN"
[00:00:43]: [Steam] Auth Session Ticket requested...
[00:00:44]: [Steam] Got Auth Session Ticket
[00:00:44]: [200] Account Communication Success (3)

So try to double check whether your steam client is update by clicking the Steam's dropdown menu top left (the one written as Steam) and click Check for Client Updates. Then if steam does get an update, let it load and retry to access DST again.

Secondly, if that doesn't work, you could possibly try and toggle the Run this program as an administrator for DST's executable in Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together Beta\bin. You could also try to change the compatibility mode. Sadly that's all the possible help I can think of right now. 

Do report back if none of these work so the dev's can really help diagnose what's wrong. Cheers.

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@stonedonkey have you tried to restart your modem or router yet? It's one of the methods mentioned in the Klei Support Article: Can't Connect to Klei that you probably haven't tried or at least mentioned trying. Truthfully, I'm out of ideas of what could be going wrong. Can you upload your latest log.txt file. The game build has changed quite recently. 

You could also probably try and opt into the cavespreview beta branch. 

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Hey @stonedonkey were you able to access online play before? Or this has always been the case for you? Were you able to successfully link your steam account to Klei with an email to get a DST Klei account? There should be a confirmation link sent to the email you linked your steam account to your klei account to play DST.

I'm not entirely sure whether the process is still the same but if it is, have you made sure to activate the confirmation link? I'm suspecting it is due to your account not being fully activated yet or something else entirely is acting up with your Klei Account. If so, you could probably contact Klei directly through the Support Email found here.

Sorry for not being much help, cheers.

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