[Bug Report] Crashes caused by drying rack?


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I am having a ton of issues with the drying rack crashing the game when it switches to turn the meat (usually large meats) into jerky. It pops up an error page full of text tacking the problem (developer text I don't understand) usually stating something about a wrong value, and I have to exit out of the game. On restarting the game, it takes me back to the last save point, but until I hammer down the drying racks it continues to crash at the same point. As long as I do not use the drying racks, I have no other issues at all. I disabled and unsubscribed from the few mods I was using, but that didn't help. I have tried playing numerous new games with multiple characters but come up with the same issues with the drying rack. Sometimes I can get a few rounds of drying meat successfully, however the crash always happens at the point where the large meat turns into jerky. 

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Hey @CraftQueen welcome to the forums. Could you try and replicate the bug crash again, then let the game close. Next go to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether and attach the log.txt there to your post so the devs can see what's wrong. Have you also tried to verify the integrity of the game cache after unsubscribing and disabling mods? Anyways, reply back with the log.txt, that should help diagnose what's happening.


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