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How do you hijack a drone?

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I'm in Sankaku Server farm and I am supposed to "Hijack the drone to the EXIT".  How do I do this?

It seems like the only choice is to go to a Terminal and reboot the drone, but then it comes alive and tries to kill me...



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wodzu_93    23

 That drone is a normal Camera Drone, just with different look. It does not have a weapon. There are basically two options.

1. Repeatedly hack it under your control and steer it to the exit.

2. Let it detect one of your agent with its scanner and bait it to the exit. This is a bit more difficult,  but saves you PWR.

Once drone in on the transport pad, teleport it out (either have an agent there on hack the drone to get the option to teleport)

Note that this is a side objective, you can skip it completely. There is a CR reward if you pull it off however.

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