Backpack BUG!!!

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My pack pack keeps dissapearing somehow!! i have it equipt and i go into a seista o lean and or straw bag thingy to sleep in to gain sanity back and after using both of them and having my backpack equipped at the same time it dissapears :( im not 100% if i had my backpack equipped at the same time because i didnt pay attention but i did use the seista o lean and straw bag alot for a few days and i made 3 backpacks and all of them are now gone xD even tho i didnt move from my base. 

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Hey @reclutched I've just tested this out with all the possible combinations In Shipwrecked of sleeping in a Tent, Siesta Lean-To and Straw Bed Rolls along with ThatchPack, Backpack, Piggyback and (possible spoiler in spoiler below, open under your own discretion):


Krampus Sack and BootyBag.

And this issue you are mentioning doesn't occur for me.

Are you perhaps using any mod that allows you to use a backpack at the same time with armor? Like the RPG HUD for example? Cause that could be what's causing your issue. If it is, turning that mod off would be the best course of action for you for now or not wearing any backpacks when you sleep, lastly report the issue with the mod creator so they know about it and can decide whether or not they choose to update the mod. 

Anyhow for future Shipwrecked related bug reports, you can submit them in this link instead. By clicking the add new bug and write down your bug report for Shipwrecked. Be sure first that the issue you are going to report is not mod related. So if you do find a new bug, turn off all your mods and retest whether the bug occurs in the modless base game as that is what the developers need bug reports for. 

For mod specific bugs, report them directly to the mod creators so they know about it.

I hope that helps, cheers.

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