Entering cave problem

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I run pre-configured servers.I did every steps that I saw here:

So the first problem is that I can't find unplugged sinkhole.I need to spawn one with console [c_spawn ("cave_entrance")].So when i travel via sinkhole it takes me to a new world instead of a cave.

I run both servers overworld and caves.

How can i replace that new world with cave?


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Hey @jekszon if you followed the guide there precisely, then the game should already have sinkholes you can enter. First, can you go check under Document\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigCaves and check whether worldgenoverride.lua has the following lines:

return { 
	override_enabled = true,

If you have the same text inside your worldgenoverride.lua, try a c_regenerateworld() on your server then go check for sinkholes again with the following console command codes:


The first command teleports you to the first generated cave_entrance in the world, while the second line spawned items to help easily explore your worlds. Report back if the issue still persists. Cheers.

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