[Bug Report] Maxwell's Shadow Boats Interaction Crash


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Hey again guys, using Maxwell you can sometimes trick the Shadow Followers to jump to shore and leave their Shadow Boats by riding another boat near the shore. Plus since you are still on a boat the Shadow Boats don't disappear and upon closer inspection you can attempt to ride them too by pressing spacebar. Alas, the game already knows you shouldn't be able to do this and crashes upon attempt. Video below.


As a suggestion for a fix, I'm no programmer but the one way (I can think of) to fix this kind of crash is to not be able to interact with the Shadow Boats at all. Secondly, for the Shadow Followers themselves to check for is-Maxwell-on-land-too-if-not-jump-back-to-shadow-boat after they land on shore. So there will no longer be any empty Shadow Boats.

There would also be a state wherein it doesn't crash upon Maxwell attempting to ride the shadow boat, but you'll be stuck in place for a while until the Shadow Followers jump back into their Shadow Boats, thereby pushing you out of the originally empty Shadow Boat's collision box. Then upon leaving your new free boat, the game crashes again. I've had this happen twice, but I can't pinpoint it's cause. I do have a video of it and it's still currently uploading. Sadly, I wasn't able to get it's crash log, cause the game crashed without the crash screen and I forgot to go get the log after that happened. Sorry. Video in spoiler below:



I hope I'm doing this right, cheers.

Crash Logs:

Shipwrecked Version: Rev. 162633

Mods: None

Other Reports: (from before the forum upgrade and in the bug tracker)

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