[Please listen]Game performance Improve suggerstion for DST developer (from a GIS developer)

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I'm do developing this so I am not sure if I'm right, but If you think it make sense, please improve the game.

when you press 'F' in the game, the player is going to attack the nearest enemy, a little lag can be experienced when we play DST. because a lot of "spatial analysis" have to be done before the program to know which enemy is the nearest. So as the 'space', and other kind of spatial, So why don't you try to create a Spatial Index to improve the performance? like quad-tree and R-tree, the implement is easy and can be found in wiki.

I'm not sure if I am right.

might just listen.


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9 hours ago, Muche said:

Having no experience with spatial indexes, it seems they are optimalized for reading. What is their performance when many of the nodes are constantly changing their position?

I agree with you!

RTree's performance will drop when the position of the spatial data is constantly changing, and spatial index is optimized for reading, and spatial index will improve performance of interact with static object, e.g. cut down tree, so spatial index like RTree will only be created for static object.

But does it means spatial index is useless in the situation when a player is surrounded by a batch of monsters? no, there are a lot of dynamic spatial index optimized moving objects, such as moving taxi in smart city applications. these indexes are widely adapted in Moving Objects Databases

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