5 pennies suggestion on natural propagation

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Well .. okay. We have natural disasters that screw up the biomes.

Also we have the storms, the wind that blows the stuff into the sea. Perfectly reasonable.

However, once an item is blown by the wind into the sea, it just sits there (or sinks, if its heavy, which, again, is logical)

How about this - when the items like weeds, cones, flower petals etc are blown by the wind into the ocean, they actually do travel across the water and have a chance to land on some other island. If the wind brings those to an area which is empty, they have a certain chance to set in the ground and sprout, means - repopulate the place which was previously burned or somehow destroyed earlier.

That's how it goes on Earth.

Maybe its not the thing that affects too much the gameplay directly, but I suppose it might be a nice addition to the idea of a "living world".

Thanks for listening.

As a continuation of that line of thought, some rocks might get limpets on them randomly.  Some man-pigs might rebuild their homes which happen to be gone with the wind. And so on.

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