[Bug Report] [BUG REPORT] Crash when trying to take "abandoned" cargo boat in the sea


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Platform: PC

Do I use mods?: No

Version Number: Rev. 161129

Description: Players can find abandoned boats in the sea at random locations. When I tried to switch from my boat to the abandoned cargo boat, the game suddenly crashed.



I reloaded, tried again, and again... It crashes every time. Here is the Warning log :Shipwrecked_Bug_02.thumb.png.84f1707c7ae

Good luck & thank you for this awesome work you are doing !

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This whole post of mine was a mess, sorry.Upon further testing, this occurs when you have a shadow follower and attempt to ride another boat while OUT in the ocean. This doesn't happen if you switch boats while your boats are very close to land. I'll be posting another bug thread that details another bug but is related to this issue too. 

Sorry again for all the mess, cheers...

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