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Was getting an error from DST upon trying to enter a game with friends. DST told me that there was a new update that I needed in order to play with them. 
This was weird because the game should auto update correct? Well I tried re-opening the game and it would not open. Tried verifying the game cache, but after ten minutes nothing happened. Decided to uninstall and upon trying to re-install, steam gave "An error occurred while installing Don't Starve Together Beta (missing content manifest)."

I don't know where to go from here? 

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Hey @nguyen4524 welcome to the forums. That seems like a steam issue rather than primarily DST. Anyhow, I found some methods that you should try at least.

  • Try changing the Download Region in your Steam's Settings Download Tab. Change it to a different country and try verify the game cache again.
  • It's for a different game but the steps should be easy enough to follow through for DST. (source)
  • Most brute force way is to delete everything in your Steam folder EXCEPT steam.exe and steamapps folder. Then running steam.exe again so it redownloads all the other necessary files.

Report back if the issue still persists, good luck. Cheers.

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