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My Don't Starve Story (Updated)

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The Adventures of Wilson & Friends!

Wilson P. Higgsbury was a Scientist, not just a regular one, a Gentlemen Scientist, this Story is gonna tell all the Adventures of Wilson, not only Wilson, but his friends too, like Willow the youngest of them all, Willow loved to Burn things, all kinds of things, trees, twigs, and a lot more, Wilson, one of the middle guys, loved science, he could do anything with the power of his MIND! Wendy, another one of the youngest, didn't like to do anything else, but play with her dead twin sister, Abigail, she died by a strange creature, which is unknown, Wendy plays with Abigail at the graveyard at night when she comes out, Wolfgang, one of the oldest, was very mighty, "I AM MIGHTY, AND NO ONE IS MIGHTIER!" Yelled Wolfgang, all together they kept on doing what they do best, but then all of a sudden a big storm came, after the storm, the others found out that Wilson disappeared, "I wonder where he went?" Wondered Willow, "i hope he didn't get lost or hurt..." Said Wendy, Wilson woke up in a strange wilderness, right above him, there was a strange man, "Say Pal, you don't look so good." "Better find something to eat before night comes" Said the man, and right before Wilson can get a good look at him, he disappeared, "I hate that guy... Whoever he is." Said Wilson, "But he is actually right, i better get moving!" And so, Wilson decided to pick up resources to make a fire, along the way, he found some food too, like berries, carrots, and even seeds! "With the power of my mind, i can build lots of things to help me survive in this strange wilderness..." Said Wilson, Night was coming, so Wilson decided to make a fire, "Hm, this fire won't last long, i better get some logs from that tree over there." Said Wilson, "This flint i found lying on the ground will be great for making an Ax!" Said Wilson, "these twigs will do too!" Wilson finally made an Axe, "just in time" Said Wilson Exhausted after doing all that work, it was night time, Wilson made a campfire for the night, Wilson was in total darkness, "I don't think it is smart to go away from this fire." "Wilson threw a twig into the darkness, All Wilson heard was "Grrrr...." Wilson decided to stop throwing things into the darkness... Morning came, and Wilson decided to have breakfast, "But what am i going to eat for Breakfast?" Wondered Wilson, Wilson decided to make a trap, with the power of his mind of course! to trap little bunnies that came out of there hole, "Maybe i should bait the trap with this carrot, just in case i don't catch anything..." Said Wilson While putting the carrot underneath the trap, Wilson decided to find something to do, "I better be careful!" "Starving is one way to go, but there are other ways to die in this wilderness..." Said Wilson, "Wilson explored his surroundings, finding strange creatures, Wilson came across a BIG White thing, "A SPIDER NEST!" Said Wilson, looking at the nest, "i better not mess with it, especially because it's almost night, after meeting one of Wilson's big dangers, he decided to go back to his trap, "I CAUGHT SOMETHING!" Said Wilson Surprised, but, what he caught was very unexpected and unfortunate... TO BE CONTINUED...

Hope you enjoy this updated version! I made some spelling mistakes, i corrected them now! :D

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