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A question about the caves beta

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Heya all


Actually there are two questions and I hope you kind folks would be able to help me


1) Is it possible to import an existing world which me and my friends played without caves into the caves server from the steam client?

2) If the steam client tool for caves dedicated server runs on my LAN - Do I need to open ports for anyone outside of my home will be able to connect? And if yes then which?


Thanks in advance for your help

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1: it is not guaranteed, that a world can be used by a server of another version, but it is often possible. To test it, you would need first to start the new server with the cave. Upper- and cave-server are newly generated on initial start up. Then you shutdown them and replace the world save files of your upper-server with your old-world files. On Windows the they are located originally in the following directories:

Your old world: %userprofile%\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\save\session\[id of your world]

New upper world, which needs to be replaced: [path of your server config files]\save\session\[id of the new world]

To get the right id you simply sort the directories by date and take the recent ones.

Then try, wether your new server likes to start successfully with your world. Next, your world might miss the cave-entrances, which you would need to spawn manually over your world ( don't know the command ). After you got your 10 cave-entrances, type in the following console command: c_reregisterportals()

Then your new cave entrances will be connected to the cave exits of your cave server.

Requirement of the steps above is to be able to setup a dedicated DST server with upper and cave word.


2) Check out this guide, dude and read



Dedicated Servers do not use the same punch-through technology that Klei Entertainment Inc. (Klei) client hosted servers use. GSAs must add proper port forwarding for their server to be reachable by game clients. The server uses UDP traffic on port 10999 by default.


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