[Bug Report] Graphical: Blocky Puddles


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The issue still persists without any mods on and even after a verify integrity of the game cache. At first I had UI mods active namely Geometric Placement, Display Food Values and Combined Status then noticed my Ice Box started sparking and upon closer inspection it has been tagged as flooded. I saw no puddles around. So I saved and exit my game and disabled all my active mods, then opened the world again and to my surprise there really was a puddle under my Ice Box (shown below) so I had to break it down and rebuild it elsewhere. Do note that before I disabled the mods, no puddles could be seen at all. 


So anyway, you can also see that one tile puddle towards the top of the image, the flooding phase of the monsoon season just started then and the ninja puddle surprised me. I hope that's enough information. Cheers.


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