Some Ideas For Dont Starve

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hello i just wanted to say im really enjoying this game alot to be honest so glad i decided to buy it but i just wanted to share some ideas i was thinking about the game i know it theres a small chance to get added in but who knows some might get used.some other types of armor? like golden Chest plate made of gold? or perhaps leather or fur armor thats is crafted using the beefalo hide(item might get added) or fur armor crafted using beefalo fur? add more enemy ai such as zombies or something (i know zombies and skeletons get used alot Terraria *cough Minecraft* cough but i think it needs a few more baddies) i know what im suggesting is quite a bit due to the game being in its beta isnt exactly complete but who knows they might get added i was just flinging a few more ideas out there :DWhat Do All you Other Players Think??Post your ideas :D

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yea i cant help but agree its just log armor you know idk its hard to explain myself but i was also thinking some kind of new ranged weapon such as something like a slighshot? perhaps crafted using 4 twigs 3-4 silk and uses flint or rocks as ammo? does as much damage as a spear but at a distance?

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