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[Suggestion] Cave spiders

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There are three new spider types: The Dangling Depth Dweller, the Cave Spider and the Spitter.


They have all the same drop like the normal spider, but are much stronger. I think Klei also mentioned to redesign them. Thing is, there dens can be (permanently) destroyed and replaced with the normal spider dens, because they are not in some way unique, just more difficult. These type of spiders must ve something special. Maybe an additional drop. Or a different distribution of drop chances of monster meat, silk and gland. Dweller maybe drop 50% silk or they drop besides the regular drop always 1 silk.


Then maybe two bugs: The spitter has actual a much higher attack period then given in the DST wiki, when you are attacking. While fighting it, it spits (range attack) you quite every 0.5 seconds. And like said in the wiki,the dens of the dweller can be destroyed, but when I place a log in the middle of the den/dropperweb and fire it, nothing will happen with that den.

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