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[WIP] Revamping blowguns...

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Hey guys,


I am a huge fan of ranged combat and disliked the huge reed investment involved with creating the various darts, so I decided I'd try my hand at modding and overhaul how the blow darts work (so as to still keep them a challenge to use).


Currently, what I'm trying to achieve is the player having an empty blowgun, which on its own, does nothing but look pretty.  However, I want to implement something akin to how lanterns and mining helmets work to allow you to prime the blowgun and fire the dart.


I'm running into a situation where I don't understand what to use to do such.  Should I use fuel?  Should I use repairer (and if so, how does that even work?)?  Should I use something else all together?


Right now, I've created a blowgun weapon that works in game.  I have created a stack-able dart that also works.  However, I'm having trouble understanding how to get it to let me use the dart as fuel (via a right click action, like the miner helmets) to give a single use to the blowgun of that dart type.

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I would say have the blowgun use durability to shoot, and a dart worth like 10% durability.  Then maybe using the repair function might make more sense, so you can have each dart add 10% durability in essence loading the gun.

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Well, code-wise this mod is still a nightmare.  However, I wanted to share some of my progress on art for the mod.



Blowgun and Tooth Dart in-game and higher resolution.






Fire Dart in-game and slightly higher resolution.



Higher resolution showcase of the three dart types.

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