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  1. You could just utilize doors to not allow duplicants into your rooms that have been fully automated. That would solve the issue.
  2. Wheezeworts are still very useful, though. This is why your doom and gloom responses come off as hyperbolic. The difference now is that wheezeworts aren't as exploitable as they used to be. The maintenance makes exploiting them more of an investment. Sure, you might personally find said investment better spent towards other methods of heat management. However, just because you personally might find less appeal in their usage, doesn't mean others might not find good uses for them. As a mod designer for Minecraft, I personally got the same sort of commentary when I had nerfed Ender Storage to reduce the inventory size. Those whom were used to having the larger storage size complained that it was less useful, even though the role the mod was designed for had not changed at all. This is how I see the same sorts of responses regarding the heat management changes here. People got used to using their tools in a certain way, and even though many tools continue to exist to manage heat, they complain because they have to use their available tools differently. A great example of this is wild farming. It was reintroduced for only a patch (or few?) of the test branch, and yet I saw many people complaining that it was restricted later to a more balanced state. So, I suppose I would ask you... Have you played through the current test branch significantly to see how well you could utilize the current tools? Have you attempted to use the pip wild farming method (there is a solid thread on the forums here) to see whether you could utilize it to still make good use of things like wheezeworts? If you have playtested this yourself and found it failing, then by all means suggest changes. Stating stuff is worthless in a hyperbolic manner doesn't really help anything.
  3. Honestly, I feel this discussion is going nowhere. I've already explained how I definitely do see uses for wheezeworts under the current design. However, your responses continue to be hyperbolic. There is no real discussion to be had under such a situation and we will have to agree to disagree.
  4. I suppose this is the crux of the discussion. What role is wheezewort assigned? Early on, it isn't unreasonable to acquire quite a bit of phosphorite via mining. Perhap the role of wheezeworts is to act as an early-game heat management tool, for those that wish to use it. I feel it is certainly worthy of that role.
  5. Sure, you have to sacrifice duplicant time to maintain wheezeworts now, if you haven't achieved automation. However, you can also fully automate the process and then you have wheezeworts working as they did before. You are encouraged to create other systems to maintain the wheezeworts or progress to a different mechanism to manage heat within your base. It does not make wheezeworts useless. It just might mean that there may be better options as you progress. Bugs aside, I think it makes perfect sense to have lighting requirements for the advanced rooms. I see the issues you mention as things to discourage people from just rushing for the most advanced rooms before being ready. If you do rush for the advanced rooms, you may have some additional issues to tackle as a result. I really cannot see this as being a bad thing overall.
  6. Except that their usage hasn't changed. The only thing that has changed is that you now need to provide them with resource maintenance. So to call them pointless is hyperbolic. They most definitely still have their use, and you're now encouraged to create other systems if you want to take advantage of them. I disagree. I think requiring people to establish other systems to provide their resources offers interesting gameplay/progression. All this suggested change would do is allow people to create simple wild farms again and trivialize such gameplay/progression. They explicitly changed the wild planting mechanics to restrict the ability to have wild plants grow next to each other to hinder this sort of thing.
  7. Wheezeworts are just as useful as they were before the change. However, the main thing is that you now need to dedicate some more infrastructure to utilizing them. Calling them useless is just being hyperbolic. Look at that! You aren't left with no options and you even have showcased a specific use case for wheezeworts. Were you expecting to utilize wheezeworts as your only cooling mechanism throughout all of progression? Seems rather unbalanced for a mechanism to do such a thing without any maintenance, no? Seems like everything is groovy to me.
  8. Even at four dreckos per wheezewort, that isn't honestly that terrible. A couple ranches to fuel a cold room and you now have your core temperature managed. This is also something that can be done early on, with little investment (compared to the steam turbine/aquatuner combo). As for cooling mechanisms, there are a ton of options. Heat gasses and vent them to space. Use wheezeworts, as mentioned above. Use the ice machine along with the cooling fan. Run loops through cold biomes for early/mid game management. Utilize the AETN. ... These are just a few ideas for heat management off the top of my head and I'm sure others could come up with more. If anything, I think the steam turbine and aquatuner combo is too efficient for the simplicity of its setup. That said, it is an end-game mechanism and as such may be considered balanced accordingly. Not all methods need to be balanced against each other as they can be based on the colony's current progression.
  9. Except that with the current patch, your example is a rather poor one as already pointed out. Simply because light interrupts sleep. Most of the rooms that require light as part of their room type are actually rooms that would be reasonably large already. As such the lighting doesn't heavily impact the overall space of the room generally. As for powering the light, it takes little power and said wiring should be routable rather easily.
  10. Not to be pedantic, but a 4x4 room is 16 tiles. So, it would actually be the correct size.
  11. I hardly feel like having high quality rooms require lighting is all that difficult and it makes sense that duplicants would gain better moral when they are better able to see what they are doing. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. I'm curious, did you actually test the pip planting rules for wheezewort specifically, or are you making an unfounded assumption? When I read this, my assumption was that they fixed the issue of pips not being able to plant sleet wheat, by allowing them to now plant it on ice/snow or something. This seems rather hyperbolic. I don't think there is any evidence that they hate wheezewort. Instead, when they did the balance pass on all heat manipulation mechanics, wheezeworts were balanced as well. They are now in line with other plants and early heat deletion mechanics. I am rather confident that wheezeworts could still be used very effectively under the current system. It is just that they are more of an early-game tool now, rather than an end-game tool (at least without extensive and creative usage). I do not see this as a bad thing.
  12. Perfect. A few of us talked at length about balancing wild planting on the discord channel, and this was what we were hoping for as far as balancing wild planting. This limits the mechanic, but still leaves it as a viable option to choose to pursue. I see a lot of posts here complaining about this chance, but I feel like such complaints are silly. Wild planting ends up essentially being free resources without the additional mechanisms required for domestication. This change means you have to set up some mechanisms, such as ranching, to establish a wild farm. It also means you have to sacrifice a significant amount of space to rely on wild farms. Everything in oxygen not included is "free", essentially, as you are eventually generating the resources through mechanisms. This just makes wild planting another mechanism you can use towards your colony's survival. It is still a good option, especially if you have a forest start. However, there is now a bit more encouragement to invest in mechanisms to domesticate plants instead.
  13. Utilizing wild plants isn't a good long term solution and limits you to the amount of plants growing wild. Once again, if the purpose behind this game upgrade is to allow us to create our own ranches, we need the tools to create said ranch. In this case, we need the tools to be able to grow peppernut plants reliably. For that, we need renewable phosphorite. Additionally, shine nymphs need phosphorite as well as food. This means even if your argument was to exploit the idea that wild plants don't need fertilizer for dreckos, it doesn't solve the problem for shine nymphs.
  14. They actually reduce the maturity of the plant? If it actually reduces the maturation though, we still need renewable phosphorite, as without it the plant won't mature and we would still be unable to support drecko and shine nymphs over time. I am curious, what happens if there are too many drecko? Will they destroy the plant completely, or will they just run out of food as the plant tries to regrow? Or even, is it just broken and they can eat from a very immature plant endlessly?
  15. Since this update is around ranching and we have a series of shine nymphs that all require phosphorite, I think we need a renewable source of it. This is especially true if the drecko are actually supposed to eat peppers of the peppernut plant (right now they essentially eat nothing).