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Band of Monsters - A new way to play DST!

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The McHuge Monsters Association is trying a new way to play Don't Starve Together... we're gonna try a Civilization/tribes based game mode. 


Here are the rules : 


Band of Monsters
PvP is on!
PvP rules : 
- You can only attack other players if: 
- The other player is in your territory and being destructive, thieving, or refusing to leave (They cannot attack back 
until they are out of your territory and if you are pursuing them, or unless you declare war upon them).
- Or if one tribe has formally declared war on another
- Bruce has learned moderator commands! Players engaged in deathmatch / murderous behavior will be punished! 
Declaring War : 
- War can be declared after one tribe has commited 3 or more infractions
- Infractions are reported to Bruce, Bruce will make a judgement call on if it's fair, and Bruce will tally the infractions
Examples of infractions - Thieving, hammering structures, conistent tresspass
- Acts of terrorism : 1 act of terrorism is enough to give a tribe cause for declaring war
Examples of terrorism - setting someone's whole forest on fire, burning down bush farms, murder of tribesman or house pets (house pets include animals restricted in pens, chester, or glommer)
Ending War :
- Peace treaties can be made at any time
- Once all members of a tribe have been eliminated, the tribe is a lost civilization. All territory rights are given up, and  bases are free for looting
- New tribes can be established by lost and wandering monsters in a previous tribe's base and claim the territory anew
Establishing tribes :
- The first (insert number based on size of players) encountered becomes your tribe. 
- You cannot change tribes until death, after respawn the next tribe you encounter is your new tribe, unless they are at max  capacity
- Otherwise they'll have to roam - the found and full tribe can offer help to the lost and alone if they wish
Establishing territory : 
- Only 1 territory per tribe
- The first tribe to colonize a biome gains control of that biome. That biome is their territory, the borders of the biome are the borders of their territory
- The tribe that owns that biome can choose who to admit entry and who not to, all resources in that biome are under the tribe's control
- Trading agreements, or harvesting agreements must be attained to obtain a resource a tribe controls
Peaceful tribes : 
- Tribes can declare themselves as peaceful, meaning no war can be declared on them, or they can declare war on others
- Peaceful tribes can ally themselves with any non-peaceful tribe, only peaceful tribes can make alliances
- Any infraction commited by a peaceful tribe automatically ends their peaceful tag, and truncates all alliances
- Peaceful tribes can still defend their territory with impunity, but may not attack or harass others outside of their borders
This is our first time doing this, so this is going to be a wild experiment. >: D We'll be adjusting rules and making up new ones as we go But should be a fun way to experience a great game.
If this sounds appealing and you wanna get in it, add me on steam : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197962769960/
We have a 12 slot dedicated server from Citadel servers. 
We'll also be streaming at http://twitch.tv/BRUCE_McHUGE
The fun begins tonight at 10pm EST! 
Note! Teamspeak is required to play with us! Organizing something like this will be too difficult over text. Communication is gonna be key. 
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