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[General] - Modding API - overwriting definitions and shops

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wodzu_93    23

Bug Submission:

Category: General
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Modding API - overwriting definitions and shops
Issue Description: Updating item/program/daemon definition with "modApi:add..." will repeatedly add them to store/world-gen lists, resulting in all versions present, as those lists keep old definitions with them. For example, it is still possible to find older, buggy version of Golem in Server Terminals.

My recommendation: When loading mods, create one global list for each definition group (items/augments/programs/daemons/etc.), let all mods add their stuff to it (overwriting previous entry with the same ID if it already exists!) and merge with vanilla lists after all loading process is done.
Steps to Reproduce: Have older and newer version of same item/program ID with ITEM_LIST=true (or equivalent thereof). Spawn several shops/servers and look for item's older version. Most noticeable with Golem (check with Seed interaction)

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