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Don't Starve Together View Game Info Steam Interface

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Hi guys,


I think it's great that Klei have continued to develop the Server Browsing interface for DST so that now you can view the gametype chosen, world edit settings, which day they are up to, which players are currently on the server, which mods are being used (if any), and if they haven't provided a description then at least one of four options describing the intended style of gameplay.  It's really is so helpful!


I just wish they would take it a step further in cooperation with Valve and improve the Steam interface such that even when you don't have DST loaded up, you can click on the \/ next to people's names on your Friend list and View Game Info to get at least an annotated version of the Server Browsing interface; with the name of the server, gametype, players on there, and day number - similar to the way we get game info on TF2.  It makes it a lot easier coming to Steam every now and then and browsing through what games my friends are playing without actually having to load up the game each time.


The icing on the cake would be being able to Schedule an Event through the SkyPaladin Steam Group and not only indicate we're going to Play a Game | Don't Starve Together Beta but also be able to specify the IP that the game will be run on so people can type Connect IP in their console or just click on the link in the Steam Event description and join automatically without having to look up one of the players that have joined and click Join Game that way.


Regardless, keep up the good work, I love your stuff, guys!




Rusty | SkyPaladin

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