ShipWrecked: Suggestion for Hail

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Despite being in early access, Shipwrecked truly does offer what a veteran Don't Starve player craves: new challenges, food sources and items, and that dread that comes with facing the unknown.


I like it!


So far I've survived up to 26 days. My main issues with the "Winter" season (I think it's hurricane season?) is that all of the wind and low sanity create a lot of lag for me. That could just be my computer isn't great.


However, I noticed that the hail still hurts you even if it falls on the ground. I managed to build a shelter and a chiminea for my base, but a hail rock fell and somehow got under my shelter during the night, quickly draining Wilson's health before I could react to save him. I think it bugged out? 


It makes sense that hail would hurt you when it falls on your head, but dying to a cold rock touching your feet seems a little cheap lol


I would suggest making the shelter wider so that it covers more area, or making hail harmless once it hits the ground.

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