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Getting new overworld instead of caves, how to fix it?

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on my dedicated server, when I try to enter cave through sinkhole, I get transfered to another world (separate map, but still on surface) instead of cave. What do I do wrong? I looked into this for some time, but I have no idea, really. I attach logs, settings and worldoverride files in respectable folders. Please help :-)


Another question: if the issue above is fixed, can I load caves to my save without having to reset my server? I would love to keep my progress on surface.


Big thanks in advance!



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Unfortunately it didn't work for me :( space or no space, works the same.

I tried to add some additional stuff to settings, but still getting same result.




I found the solution in "worldgenovveride.lua with the new post-Caves settings" sticky, that is:



The reason that happened is because of two things together:

1) preset = "DST_CAVE"

This makes it load the "cave" world type, which includes pits instead of waves, earthquakes, and a few things like that.

2) task_set = "default"

This makes it load the normal above-ground biomes and regions.

So the combination of the two is a "forest in the caves" kind of thing. Interesting!

Meaning my worldgenovveride.lua in cave server's files should include:

misc = {

task_set = "cave_default",


Now just trying to restart caves without touching my overworld save, any ideas?

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