When Diplomacy Fails

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When Diplomacy Fails

A fictional Don't Starve Together story

I was sever surfing again and I saw one that peaked my interest. It was a wilderness PvP server with 12 or so players, it was on the large world setting and had a mod that made resources grow back. After reading the server description, which read "If you die you get banned" I decided to give it a go.

I didn't really think they were serious about the whole death equals ban thing, but sure enough, while I was choosing my character I saw a poor person get banned after he died to the darkness. This was going to be quite the adventure. I finally decided to pick Wigfrid, my usual choice being Webber, since I would need more brute force to deal with other players. I spawned in near a rocky biome. After gathering the essentials I began mining some rocks, being sure to save gold for later when I needed a science machine. I found tallbirds too, and enjoyed a nice dinner of meat and tallbird eggs. I now had 7 meat, and my gear was only slightly worn.

It was Autumn now, so I knew I needed to find beefalo for winter gear. I began exploring, gathering anything I could find along the way. I encountered a Willow, who was starving and begged me for food. I gave her some berries I had gathered and she told me she owed me a favour. I did eventually find beefalo, and I setup a small base, just a science machine and a fire pit. I even found some spiders nearby, and killed them for the silk and monster meat. Things went quite well, but Autumn dragged on until day 36, the server must have had long seasons enabled. I didn't really have enough food to last the winter, but I figured if I traded with other people I would be able to get enough to last. Winter soon started, I had a beefalo hat and decided that I needed to hunt the Mactusks for the Tam 'o Shanter, since I was having sanity issues. I explored for a few days and did eventually find the igloo, but they were dead and I had to wait another day for them to respawn.

When they did respawn I wasn't alone, a hound attack was coming, in the chaos I did manage to kill the Mactusks and grab most of the stuff, but a cowardly Webber swooped in and stole my Tam 'o Shanter. I chased down Webber, but it took me 3 days to finally catch and kill him with my spear, I debated using the single blow dart I had got from the Mactusks against him, but decided it would be better saved for an emergency. Alas, I finally got my Tam 'o Shanter back, and began making my way back to my base. On the way back however, I realized I was in trouble, I was down to my last cooked meat and the Tam 'o Shanter only had 15% durability left. I ran around trying to find a hound mound, but I couldn't find one and without hounds teeth I couldn't get my sewing kit. Having worn the Tam 'o Shanter to prevent myself from going insane, it now only had 2% durability, I was far to scared to wear it, and transitioned back to my beefalo hat.

But, I did end up finding two people, a Wickerbottom and a Wolfgang beside a campfire. The Wolfgang tried to kill me, but after an extended skirmish we reached a truce. I offered to trade my precious gold for hounds teeth but they refused. I decided that I would have to ditch diplomacy and take what I needed. I murdered Wickerbottom with my battle spear, Wolfgang charged me with his log suit, we were both quite damaged from our previous fight (I had lost my log suit), but Wigfrid ability to regain health on kills proved superior to his better armour and in the end both Wolfgang and Wickerbottom lay as skeletons beside the fire. I almost felt bad as they were both banned, but it was them or me. They had no sewing kits or hounds teeth, but they had food, precious food. I devoured the meatballs and honey hams, while checking through the other things. After looting the valuables I proceeded to head back to my base, where perhaps with the next hound attack I could obtain a sewing kit.

On the way back I encountered Willow, the same Willow I had saved from starving back in Autumn, and I asked her to give me her sewing kit. She refused, stating without it she couldn't repair her clothes (she had a puffy vest and winter hat). I even offered to trade for her sewing kit, offering gold, meat, even battle spears. But she refused, I was growing very desperate, I know the only way to get my sewing kit was to kill Willow. So I fired my only blow dart, it didn't kill her, but she ran. I caught up to her and finished her off with my battle spear. Willow didn't even have time to call me any inappropriate names in chat before she was banned. I quickly looted her corpse and took everything. I sewed up my Tam 'o Shanter and realized what I had done, I had murdered four different people to get this Tam 'o Shanter to full durability. I ran back to my base and began cooking up the spoils of war.

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