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  1. (Maxwell's Playground was kind of the same thing, but it was started in a time when there were many active roleplayers on these forums; I suppose that had a larger impact as well) Pollon flew back onto Dino's head and cawed in agreement, staring at Schrodinger.
  2. Pollon started cawing and flying frantically in his shock. He calmed down, landed and started cawing frustratedly at the person.
  3. Pollon flew off Dino's arm and landed on the grass a little bit next to him. He got as snug as he could and tried to get some sleep, thinking about stuff while looking at the sky.
  4. Pollon dismissed the creaking sound, for now. He turned back to Dino and listened to what he said, cawing cheerfully while spreading his wings, as if agreeing. The crow also yawned once, as it was getting a little late.
  5. Pollon was listening to all of what Dino was rambling about. "Caw!" He cawed as if giving his thoughts on Dino's speech. When clockworkatoo started shaking his wings, Pollon quickly cocked his head in his direction, slightly startled.
  6. (Fair enough :p) Pollon hopped off Dino's head and flapped onto his robotic arm. He pecked it once, then looked at Dino's face, and cawed again.
  7. Pollon ate a little bit of the charred drumstick, then stopped. It seemed he was finished. Curious about Dino, the bird flew on top of his head, landing gently. He cocked his head around, trying to get a better look at the machinery that Dino has on his body. "Caw caw caw!" He caws, curiously.
  8. The crow cocked its head at the T-rex, and cawed. It flew back into the tree for a moment, and then returned with a stick in its talons. It dropped the stick pretty close to him, and landed back where the drumstick was. "Caaaaw!" it looked at Dino for a bit longer, and then started eating the drumstick.
  9. (Sweeet) From the shade of a tree, a white bird that had presumably been watching the scene for a couple of minutes, flew relatively close to Dino and his failed drumsticks. It landed a short distance away from him, looked at the burnt food, then at Dino. "Caw!"
  10. Well, guess Im gonna give this a shot if that's okay! Not super advanced or anything, but I like him: Name: Pollon Gender: Male Age: 6 Personality: Pollon is an albino crow. He's a bit careful when around strangers, but once he gets to know them he is a very trusting bird. Can get pretty reckless at times. Appearance: A white crow, red eyes. Rough worked sketch: Strengths: He can fly, obviously! He can understand human language, but can't speak it himself, so he caws alot instead. Good at solving puzzles. Weaknesses: As mentioned before, he can't actually speak so he has to actively try to show what he means. As an albino, his eyes are weak to sunlight and prefers to stay in the shadows when it's day. Oh, and inventory: Well... not sure if this one applies to him : p
  11. Hey guys, I'd like to apologize for letting the RP get to this point of inactivity. It's fully a fault of my own, but I suppose I have my reasons for it- not really an excuse though. Not only this but also my inactivity in general. I started this RP at a pretty tension-heavy point of 2017, and while I had a the story direction planned out I got distracted by both RL and more personal stuff. Regarding my own activity on these forums, now that some things have cleared up a bit in real life, I hope I'll have more time to spend here alongside usual stuff. I'd love to ask if anybody is still interested and try to continue (provided everyone hasn't completely lost interest, that is) but I don't currently trust myself enough to hold it together. I see that HotChocolate is running an RP currently, and if they're okay with it, I'd like to join that and see how it goes. If everything goes well and enough people want to, later down the line we could see if we can revisit this one. Again, I'm sorry for letting it get to this, and I hope you understand.
  12. The satyress chuckled. "No, no. No interruptions, I was just curious about why you were--" Daafite stopped. She looked around, only to see everyone left the tavern. Where they that distracted and focussed on their conversation? Why did everybody leave? She looked at the bar, but even the bartender left. "Uh... where did...?" But they weren't completely alone. With big, heavy steps, a person walked up to their table. It was the man that was sitting in the corner, watching the scene. He was very large, wore a semi-tarnished suit of armor and carried a huge sword on his back, which he grabbed and let the tip drop on the ground, making a clashing noise. "Good grief. I can't with confidence say I met more oblivious people than you lot." He said, and skimmed over the group. His voice was deep and rather intimidating, but had a slight friendly sarcasm to it.
  13. Daafite looked at her new comerades with a glister in her eyes. "I... thank you." She said. She was about to say something else when Durham started yelling. She looked back to see the beetle in distress. "Uhm- what seems to be bothering you, little beetle?" She asked confusedly while continueing to pet Ker.
  14. Listening to Nicholas, Daafite took a deep breath and sighed. "Why yes, I came here in search of something..." she began, lifted up Ker to put him on her lap and started to pet him. "...You see, this land we live in is at stake. It's... sick. Tainted..." She looked up, then back down. "I... lost my dear kin to it. They didn't perish, but... got sick themselves..." She shook her head. "Anyways... I swiftly ventured out of my now-polluted home in search for aid- I was determined, desperate, to cure this horrid disease... however, the countless people that I have met were... just as putrid as the sickness I saught to heal. I began to lose hope... so I went here. The place where anybody is welcome. As I said, I am glad to know there are yet beings worth saving..." She cleared her throat. "That is why I came here." A few groups of people started to leave the tavern.
  15. ".. 'Daaf'?" A short silence followed. "O-oh, as in, an abbreviation of my name... ha..." she laughed nervously. Then all of a sudden, a little chameleon creature popped up next to her lap! Daafite gasped in alertness, then quickly calmed and placed her palm on his head. "My, what a handsome little fellow you are!" She looked at the people and creatures that had gathered around the table to come sit with her. "I must say.... I did not at all expect so many civil beings to come to this tavern." While conversating, the group got more dirty looks and people whispering about them.