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  1. Polluted

    Alright there's still a few people that (may) be joining, so we'll start on Sunday! Sooner if they end up joining earlier
  2. Polluted

    super cute!! Added him in :]
  3. Polluted

    alright well I'll be entering my own character too! Name: Daafite Race: Satyress Age: 19 Personality: A bit shy, stubborn, loves illustrating and crafting, has an eye for quality. Appearance: Messy brown hair, tinted brown skin colour and spots on her shoulders/face. Her skin gets lighter in certain spots. She's also got goat horns/legs and ears and carries a quiver holding hand crafted javelins. Strengths: Is not bad at drawing, she's got a pretty good aim with her javelins and kicks pretty hard with her legs. Has pretty decent craftsmanship, though limited to tools that are found in the the wild. (rocks, sticks, etc. She doesn't know how to use a hammer or how to smith steel things for example) Knows how to hunt animals and scavenge fruits. Weaknesses: While she has knowledge of crafting and gathering, it's not very valuable outside of foresty areas, she's never gotten to go to different biomes. Is stubborn, if she gets offended or has a quarrel with someone she may not be very cooperative. Can't swim. and now for some SUMMONS, hey see if you feel like joining, if not then just ignore this @DwerBomb @MenaAthena @Paxtonnnn @Battal @WaddleDee @Zeklo
  4. Breaking an Ancient Pseudoscience Station summons lightning, but other than that I can't think of any other ways you could get System Overload in the caves.
  5. Polluted

    Awesome, the both of you are accepted I'll edit them into the OP when I'm at a pc. We'll start once we get 1-2 more people.
  6. Polluted

    I was going to have it be revealed more early in the RP itself, but let's just say that the world is sick/tainted, and it's spreading Nope, anyone/thing can join! (And also that last RP wasn't We Remain no, it was a discord one, but it was my last forum RP yes)
  7. Polluted

    It's a hot day, you walk around the town minding your own business. Maybe you just got here, or maybe you've been living here for a while, knowing it like the back of your hand. Like usual, there's alot of people trying to sell their wares, others buying them, announcing things, you name it- however, there is something that took your attention; a creature that normally doesn't show itself near crowded places- a satyress, just wandering amongst the people of the town. You know this to be strange. Curious, you follow it into the town's tavern... Alright, here's the deal; I really miss RPing, last one I participated in was a while back so I thought why not attempt to start one up again. Don't know if people are actually going to join but it's worth a shot! This'll be a bit open-world like WaW. Normal rules I suppose; no godmode, no op characters, don't kill off characters without permission. Fill out the form for your character, as long as your character slightly makes sense and isn't overpowered I'll accept it! Name: Race: Age: Personality: Appearance: Strengths: Weaknesses: Characters:
  8. Paint and Animat

    nah, they're holding eachother's hand in the background like cool friends hahah B]
  9. Winona confirmed perks

    all of these would've made her great for pvp lol. She looks like a cool person though!
  10. Paint and Animat

    Do you remember RPs?! I had such good times on these forums with them. Sadly there doesn't seem to be any on here anymore. I'm actually re-reading one right now, Maxwell's Playground by LadyD and Im having a nostalgia/awesome/cringe/great time trip lol. Anyways, some of you might remember in that RP Arca and Sylvia didn't really get along well, but the rp died so I like to think they eventually became awesome friends I drew Sylvia based on her haracter description. Hey Danny if you're still around hope you like her lol.
  11. Who cares if astrology is 'real' or not, it's still fun to figure out/know lol. I like what you made Luxury, nice analysis
  12. Paint and Animat

    "HEY HAHA GUYS CHECK WHAT I CAN DO" "Knife bending! :D" While she can't do any big magic she does have access to moving objects* and decided to become shiv* master *objects with higher density cost more to move *can be done with any object which density and quantity does not outweigh her arcane reserves also more animation I love this this is fun C: Featuring breathing, leg/feet movement, hand/arm movement, wings, facial expression and dress physics(ish)! and flying knives of course I may or may not have put the new principles I have learned about animation from Mobb to use except that I didn't pay attention sorry ;c; I've been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender recently and thought about this as something cool to do, didn't expect to actually do it though since I always lose interest doing "longer" stuff, but I actually enjoyed making the whole thing which is awesome and I hope to be able to make more animations c:
  13. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    definitely right, it's alot cleaner
  14. Paint and Animat

    No, I think I get what you're saying, when the arm moves up (which is at that point finely animated) to the eyes, then the eyes take the finer animation from that point which would lead to the next thing that takes over the "animation lead". Anything else is less finely animated I believe is what you're saying which is a very valuable tip thank you Mobb B)
  15. Paint and Animat

    Thank you very much for the nitpicking! ;D with the focus system though, would it be bad even for say, the eyes to move while something else is animated? It might look weird for instance to have a facial expression after a limb movement that would bring more to that expression. And, you don't need to have cooked a food to know if it's bad Something she might have seen in front of her. Something sinister. Somebody took the last cereal box from right under her nose at the store lol. Or she saw someone kill someone else from behind the bushes. Or [...]